This class intentionally blends various training modes in order to create a holistic and balanced structure of training that will maximize gains in strength, reduce the risk of injuries and improve performance. You will increase your range of motion, learn how use gymnastic rings, master your hand balancing, move naturally by using movement as crawling, pushing, rolling, jumping, squatting…. This class is open to all levels and will complement other fitness programs.


Capoeira is a manifestation of Afro-Brazilian art form that incorporates martial arts, dance, game, gymnastics, and is practiced to the rhythm of Afro-Brazillian percussion, claps and chanting. For me personally, Capoeira is a holistic art form that rooted in the afro Brazilian culture where people can always find their freedom to express themselves through the practice. As a subject to study, students may chose their path which elements of the art they wish to focus to learn at certain moment.


Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). It involves movement that will help if one is in a reach or escape emergency situation. Underpinning this is a philosophy of altruism and useful strength, longevity, self-improvement, and self-understanding. Parkour is a discipline. With the core philosophies being “to be strong to be useful” and “to be and to last”, parkour purposely exist to challange you (mentally and physically) to reach your highest self.


Weng style Internal Wingchun kungfu is a unique southern Chinese kungfu style. It uses smart and clever system how to generate power and speed in most direct, simple, effective and efficient way. At the same time teach the practitioner how to position, close, adhere, stick to the opponent in soft yet very powerful then finish the fight quickly. The system blend together nicely between fast, direct and simplicity of wingchun and principles of internal chinese martial arts such as taichi, xingyiquan, baguazhang and yiquan. Weng style internal wingchun taught at Bali IKS Pro Patria kungfu school by Ong Wen Ming. The school has been running in Denpasar, Bali since 1996.


Eskrima, also known as Kali and Arnis, is terms used for traditional martial arts of the Philippines. Emphasis is put on weapons for these arts. Stick fighting (single and double sticks) is a great way to improve coordination, develop precision and speed. Kali also includes kadena de mano (empty-hands/ self-defense) it is very efficient system for CQC (Close Quarter Combat). Using punches, palm strike, elbows, knees, joint locks, flow drills, ect.