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Image by Radoslav Bali


  • Relieve Pain

  • Prevent Injury

  • Improve Performance

  • Increase Range of Motion

  • Regain control of your body

  • Optimize your physical capabilities 

  • Reconnect with your environment

  • Bulletproof your health

  • Enhance Functional Strength

  • Level up your cardiovascular system

  • Increase power, stamina and speed

  • Boost your metabolism

  • Learn how protect yourself

  • Prevent the attack

  • Practical self defense

  • Standing & Ground situations


Personal session or small group of training is the solution to optimize your time and get the most benefits out of it. Programs are specifically tailored to your wants, as well as your needs.


Move, breathe and flow. Let us take you for a ride. Weekend get away to reconnect with yourself and practice in beautiful environment.

animal locomotion


Practice from anywhere and anytime with our remote programs. With or without equipment. Either videos pre-recorded to follow along or training plan personalized.

Want to improve your Mobility? Tired to injure yourself with inappropriate training? We design your training plan to optimize your time and raise up your physical attributes. 

Book a call & let you guided.

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''Cultivate Simplicity in your physical practice and the relationship to your body.''


After studied bunch of training methods over the past two decades, I come to the point that there is no perfect format of physical training.
We are all different, so we all have different responses in terms of physical adaptations.

Better at first to set up clear expectations of what you d like to achieve and use the most appropriate method. “would say the coach i m”

In a personal level, I d like to have and keep over years full capacity of my body as much in strength, coordination, stamina, mobility, agility...
I’d like to be able to practice all I like at the fullest my entire life. Getting better with age, not the way around. Nothing less.

A few months into my training with Guillaume I noticed the results, not only did I achieve my weight loss goal and stick to it, but I felt stronger and faster than ever before. Guillaume has great knowledge and expertise in all areas of health and fitness and it shows through his classes. Each workout is tailored to what my body needs and each workout is always different which is important to me. I highly recommend working out with him.

Shenoa S.

I was 50 years old man when I had back issue and reached Guillaume to help me out. I could barely walk properly back then. I lost my confident to be able to exercise ever again. We worked on regular basis couple of months. It has been game changer for me. My whole approach of physical practice switched. We reorganized my nutrition, daily habits, mobility and strength routine. Nowadays, I felt much younger and capable of to do everything I like to do. I learnt that routine is the key. I saw many therapists who pretend able to fix me in one session. The true is nothing can be done in short term. Time, effort and right programs is needed, then you got results. Thanks G.

Panos T.

(audio in french)

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MOUVERS #57 – Natural Movements, Freediving and Minimalism. The Art of Living Your Life with Simplicity with Guillaume Le Port (Movement Bali)

I welcome a fellow Movement Coach, Martial Arts practitioner, Nomad, physical trainer, surfer, diver, MovNatter, freediver… in the person of Guillaume Le Port from Movement Bali. An exchange full of humor and simplicity with this explorer of the living who shares with us his vision of a fulfilling life all in simplicity. Freediving, MovNat, Filipino Martial Arts, Trail, Natural Running, Travel, Entrepreneurship. Guillaume is the Mover par excellence who dives deep into practices to extract their sweet nectar. An episode full of adventures and explorations to inspire you to move all the dimensions of your being.

Coach Slim about the author blog | Nomadslim Movement Academy by Coach Nomad Slim

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