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(Pre / Rehab)

Deficit of range of motion

Postural dysfunction

Wish to improve physical attributes

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Natural Movement 
& Locomotion

Enhance movement quality

Take back your ease of motion

move playfully

Strength & Conditioning

Forge functional strength

Boost your cardiovascular system Develop speed and power

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Combat Skills & Self-Defense

Improve Self-confidence


Practical skills for Lifetime

We offer range of activities in private session for all fitness enthusiasms and expectations. We take you where you are and level up your game.

Not all programs can address every single thing you need to work on, and we don’t claim that any one program will make you great at everything. It’s why we encourage people to use our programs creatively – either on their own or alongside your favorite way to work out.

MOBILITY (Pre/Rehab)


Mobility is the ability of a joint to move freely and actively through the range of motion with control. It means having healthy joints. 

We will help you to evaluate where you are (tightness, restrictions, dysfunctions, imbalances…) The coaching begins with an assessment consisting of movement analysis and questionnaire. The program is specifically tailored to your wants, as well as your need. Everything from your current physical status, training history, persistent injury, preferences and workout goals playing to the design of the program. 

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Going back to basic. Natural movement included elements as walking, running, climbing, crawling, vaulting and manipulative objects like lifting, carrying, throwing and catching.

Many natural movements incorporate multiple elements of fitness. Such flexibility, strength and conditioning all at once. This fitness approach is an efficient way to boost your physical attributes, reconnect with yourself and the environment. Don't just work out - play out. 

There are seven basic movements the human body can perform and all other exercises are merely variations of these seven: Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation and Gait. When performing all of these movements, you will be able to stimulate all of the major muscle groups in your body. Natural Movement helps you generate organic, clean, sustainable energy and therefore contribute to stimulate strong and reliable immune system for our active lifestyle.



Firstly, we tend to focus on movement quality to improve performance, this can be in any given sport focusing on speed, strength, and power.


Equally, it could be improving performance in real-life scenarios, such as standing up with ease or get in/out of car.

Secondly, we focus on preventing injury. Developing better movement patterns helps to prevent them. Also, It assists people to improve proprioception & balance to keep integrity of the body in daily life.

Strength and conditioning is a great way to transform your body and get huge results, whether you’re an athlete or amateur, expert, or just starting out. It encompasses so much more than just lifting weights and focuses on a variety of tools to improve movement, health, and physical performance.

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Improve self-confidence, empowerment and practical skills for lifetime.

Movement Bali project is about our ability to move efficiently and safely in any environment in which we find ourselves.


So what about when we find ourselves in a position to save someone else’s life – or our own?

We would like to share 20 years of martial arts experience in a unique program of self-defense / self-protection designed to learn practical tools in order to face threaten situation. We all one day wished to learn how fight. It parts of us as human being to be able to defend ourselves in any circumstances. Aggression or acts of violence in the street, bullying at school, sexual harassment...This approach is practical and easy-to-learn techniques that can be used by anyone. Program designed to provide the student all tools to absorb the principles that can be applied to any kind of self-defense and/or life-threatening situation, regardless of the environment or the physical abilities of the potential victim.




Still not sure where to start? Contact us and we will guide you through.
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